Flexion-Distraction Therapy

Nurse helping senior woman in flexing muscles at nursing home

A “table” treatment that allows a chiropractor to slowly manipulate your spine, flexion-distraction therapy can be an amazing treatment for stretching and decompressing your back. It is also commonly used for people experiencing pain and pressure in the back, neck, arms and legs. Flexion-distraction therapy is unlike any other chiropractic treatment because it relies on a unique table that allows us to strategically and gently realign the body. Take a look at what to expect when you visit us for a treatment here at Barnes Chiropractic in Centennial, Colorado!

What to Expect From Flexion-Distraction Therapy

During flexion-distraction therapy, you’ll be placed on a segmented table that revolves. As the table moves, we’ll apply manual stimulation to the spine. The combination of the table movements and manual adjustments will help to create extreme decompression in the spine that can’t be achieved with an ordinary table. This can be a very interesting experience for the patient because they are able to feel how different table movements impact the spine’s ability to decompress and stretch. As the table moves and drops in segments, your body positioning will actually change. This treatment relies on the power of gravity to gently realign your spine without excessive pressure.

The Benefits of Flexion-Distraction Therapy

The biggest benefit of flexion-distraction therapy is the way it reduces pressure that is compressing your spine. You may notice immediate relief throughout your spinal nerves and discs if you’ve been suffering from back pain. Many people also find that this treatment works wonders for headaches and neck pain. In some cases, it may help patients to avoid surgery when trying to relieve back pain, bulging discs and reduced range of mobility. Overall, it helps to promote good disc health while reducing compression, inflammation, tightness, stiffness and inflammation. If you suffer from back and neck issues stemming from poor posture, flexion-distraction therapy can be exceptional for helping you to finally feel like you’re fully stretching out of the hunched, compressed posture that you default to when standing or sitting. Contact Barnes Chiropractic today to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions About Flexion-Distraction Therapy

Does Flexion-Distraction Therapy Help With Back Pain?
Yes, this therapy can be beneficial for pain in the cervical spine and lower back. It is also commonly used to address stiffness, discomfort and misalignments associated with back issues like sciatica, spondylolisthesis and osteoarthritis.

Can Flexion-Distraction Therapy Help With Back Spasms?
This treatment is commonly used to help relieve back spasms. It may also be beneficial for weakness, numbness and cramping throughout the back.

Can You Use Flexion-Distraction Therapy After Back Surgery?
Considered a gentle treatment, flexion-distraction therapy is usually appropriate following back surgery for most patients. An evaluation is always needed to decide if this is the best option.