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Barnes Chiropractic: for athletes, families, and you. We offer whole-body care for the whole family. Specific chiropractic care, combined with soft-tissue treatments to help you get better, faster.

Comprehensive Treatments Only $49

Chiropractic care for all ages, because a healthier you depends on a normalized nervous system. Whether it is pain that brings you in or simply a desire for wellness care, we are here to help.

At Barnes Chiropractic we offer a whole-body approach. Ask about our nutritional supplements backed by research. Current Practice Members get 10% off all nutritional purchases. Our weight loss and detoxification program is whole-food based, 100% natural and incredibly effective.

Are you interested in Dr. Matthew coming to speak at your next event? Whether it is a luncheon, seminar or talk, we’re there when you need us.

What Our Patients Say

quality of work and professionalism. Came in with a nagging back injury from high impact training, Dr Matt completed diagnosed my problem area and helped eliminate my pain. I was able to return back to normal activity levels after a few visits.

Nicholas J.

I love Matt he is a great guy and the service he offers is amazing! Every time I go I feel like my body is refreshed and that I can continue working out which is what I love to do and that everything is on place

Justine P.

Matt and Kelly Barnes are awesome. They have worked on me for multiple issues and they never disappoint. I called Matt after spending three nights sleeping on the terrible hospital beds for dads in the labor recovery center. After he worked at the office all day, he and Kelly worked on my back that night and it was a tremendous help. I would recommend them to any and all! They are the best in town.

Mark D.

Matt is amazing. I've been seeing a chiropractor for almost 20 years. He has helped me tremendously with my migraines that I get from my neck and back. He is unique because he is the first chiropractor that helps me help myself. He helps me understand how the muscle can relax at home and helps that muscle relax before he adjusts. Matt cares about his patients and goes above and beyond.

Shawna L.

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