PQQ and you: What the hype is all about

If I told you there was one supplement you could take that would improve your memory, improve your endurance, avoid Alzheimer’s, protect against neurotoxicity from things like mercury and glutamate, protect brain cells from the oxidative damage in strokes, prevent the oxidation of the DJ-1 gene (one of the first step in the onset of Parkinson’s), as well as being one the of most potent antioxidants known to date you might be a little skeptical. But as more and more studies are published showing all these effects and more, the evidence is starting to mount. There is a new top dog in the antioxidant world and its name is Pyrroloquinoline Quinone, or PQQ.

What is PQQ? PQQ is a vitamin-like micronutrient that has been found in small quantities in every food studied to date. This includes parsley, green peppers, tofu (soybeans), and others. It has been classified by some researchers as an essential micronutrient. This means that it is essential for health but the body cannot create it on its own. It is a co-enzyme that, like its cousin CO-Q10, has massive antioxidant properties. PQQ does one thing CO-Q10 does not, however, which is stimulate mitochondrial biogenesis. Up to now there were only 2 ways clinically shown to do this: severe caloric intake restriction and strenuous physical activity. Not everyone currently has the capability to run 60 minutes per day, but anyone can take 20mg of PQQ.

PQQ is one of the most stable antioxidants known, even more stable than vitamin C. More stability (30 to 5,000 times compared to vitamin C) means more protection. So, free radicals are neutralized, your mitochondria are protected and new growth of mitochondria is stimulated, leading to a healthier you. As you can tell, it all comes down to the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell, essentially in charge of energy production.

PQQ has also been shown to block the formation of abnormal proteins linked to neurodegenerative diseases. Two of the most exciting examples are the amyloid beta protein associated with Alzheimer’s and the alpha-synuclein protein associated with Parkinson’s. PQQ supplementation has even shown increased cognitive and memory function in middle-aged and elderly people. And when tested in animals supplementation was shown to reduce the area of damaged cardiovascular tissue during an acute heart attack.

PQQ, quite possibly the biggest antioxidant of this century. More energy, more endurance, roles in brain and heart health, and indications of prevention of neurodegenerative diseases, just to name a few of its celebrated qualities. What is not to love about pyrroloquinoline quinone? Find out what this essential micronutrient can do for you and your health, available now at Barnes Chiropractic.

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