Is Stress Affecting Your Physical Well Being?

When your chiropractor talks to you about the repercussions of a vertebral subluxation he is speaking about a misalignment in the position of one or more of the bones in your spinal column and how it can affect the function of the nervous system.

When the nervous system is compromised the brain has trouble sending messages to the other parts of the body. A subluxation can affect bodily functions like the way our food is digested or our ability to fight off bacterial infection.

Subluxations can be caused by physical stress on the body, e.g., back strain or trauma due to a fall or other type of accidental injury. Staying in one position for too long a time can be just as detrimental.

Chemical toxins can also be at the root of a spinal misalignment. They are introduced to the body through the foods and drinks that we consume and the air that we breathe in. Alcohol, food additives and pollutants that come from vehicle and manufacturing exhaust fumes are prime examples of chemical contamination.

Chronic mental stress can be an underlying cause of vertebral subluxation. The anxiety that comes from facing a deadline at work or the emotional impact of losing a friend or loved one can easily affect our physical health.

If you have suffered a physical injury or if you are going through a stress producing life experience consult with Dr. Matthew of Barnes Chiropractic in Centennial, CO. Call today @ (720) 985-0056.

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