Get To The Root Of Your Pain

Is that just a temporary crick in your neck or is the pain a symptom of something more? If it is just a matter of a bad night’s sleep, your pillow could be the culprit. Too soft a pillow will make for a flat surface and provide little to no neck support. Trying to find a comfortable position could cause muscle strain. This kind of pain may be relieved by applying a cold pack or with careful exercise. Warning – immobility may impair your ability to drive cautiously.

What kind of symptoms may indicate a more serious issue? If you suffered a recent physical injury due to a fall or automobile accident your pain may well be a result of that incident. If you get to the point that it hurts so much you don’t even want to try to turn your head from side to side or if the pain moves from your neck down to your hands and you start to experience a tingling sensation it may be time to consult a chiropractic specialist.

Neck pain is a focal point of chiropractic treatment. Your chiropractor will conduct a thorough exam and after considering x-ray results he will determine a regimen for recovery. Physical therapy and appropriate exercise will usually be part of the plan.

Don’t ignore ongoing symptoms. Talk to the doctors at Barnes Chiropractic in Centennial if you are concerned about a recent occurrence of neck pain. Call today @ (720) 985-0056.

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