Acute Care Brings Relief

Acute chiropractic treatment attends to the pain caused by a physical injury. Inflammation is the body’s reaction to injury, it protects the injured body part by restricting your ability to move it. The downside is the pain and inconvenience that the inflammation brings. Long-term immobility can also retard the healing process. Acute chiropractic care works to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. The degree of your injury will determine how long it may take to get you back to normal. A combination of in-office treatments and at home care will be included in the plan.

Whiplash is a prime example of the need for acute chiropractic care. An injury to the neck can cause extreme discomfort and restrict movement of the area. After a thorough examination of the spinal alignment which may include x-ray imagery, your chiropractor may begin treatment using manual massage and stretching techniques along with the deep heat therapy that ultrasound can provide in an attempt to reduce the inflammation. He may also suggest that you wear a supportive neck brace for a short time after which he may apply spinal manipulation to the ligaments and muscles that may have been affected. Exercise is often recommended to improve mobility and promote healing.

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