A Safer Alternative?

If you listen closely to the ads on t.v. or take the time to thoroughly read the cautionary instructions on the labels of the over the counter medications that you use to relieve pain it may discourage you from taking them. Sometimes the side effects sound worse than the original discomfort.

The opioids that doctors prescribe for patients who are suffering from acute or chronic pain are centered on the brain. They somehow work to intensify the hormone dopamine which produces a feeling of extreme happiness and drives away pain. The problem comes when the brain builds up an immunity to the drug so that the patient has to take more and more of it to get the desired result – to get rid of the pain.

So is there a safer alternative to prescription, over the counter or street drugs? Many people have found chiropractic treatment to be just as effective as medication and without the worry of harmful drug interaction or abuse. The relief that you feel after taking a pill or capsule is only temporary, your pain will return when the effects of the medicine wear off. A spinal alignment, however, gets to the source of the pain instead of masking the symptoms.

You will find answers to many of the questions that you may have about chiropractic therapy on the Barnes Chiropractic website. Visit the office in Centennial for a free consultation at your convenience.

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