The Barnes Chiropractic Team

We like to call Aubrey and Andrew our Public Relations specialists!  Aubrey has a spirit and a joy that is irresistible. She proudly helps Mommy and Daddy whenever she can (as long as the mood strikes), and will gladly sit next to you and tell you a story. Andrew has been a fun-loving, on-the-go little guy from the beginning. His sweetness is infectious, and his smile will win you over when you come visit our clinic!

Dr. Matthew draws from his experience as an ultramarathoner, half-ironman, and Crossfitter in working with athletes.  He has experienced first-hand that chiropractic care, combined with soft tissue therapies, can yield incredible results, and he enjoys bringing that realization and those results to other athletes. He utilizes his extensive training and education as well as personal experiences in Crossfit, aerial acrobatics, dance, triathlons and running ultras to thoroughly address patient injuries and concerns.

He is equally committed to working with families and patients of all ages, from newborns to those in their 90s. By incorporating soft tissue techniques into his care of pregnant patients, he has helped relieve abdominal pain and discomfort. He has also been privileged to evaluate and adjust babies just a few hours old.

A true family man and an athlete at heart, he brings a complete, specific, and relaxed approach to his patients. His passion for the art of chiropractic helps benefit those in need.

Dr. Kelly loves helping others heal and has a passion for helping create happy healthy families. As a wife and mother of two small children she brings her passion and joy to everything she does. Knee pain in her 20s lead her to a chiropractor who changed her life with one adjustment. This chiropractor used a combination of soft tissue therapy and specific chiropractic adjustments and the difference was clear. Inspired to become a chiropractor herself, she emulates this approach in her care.

With similar activities to Dr. Matthew, such as running and triathlons, she has also learned first-hand what therapies or techniques lead to the best results when recovering from injuries. She has a passion for working with pregnant women and loves helping to increase comfort during such a blessed time in life.

Helping others increase their level of enjoyment in life, by helping them get out of pain or achieve something previously considered impossible, brings Dr. Kelly the greatest satisfaction in her work—work that is a privilege and a joy itself.