Is Stress Affecting Your Physical Well Being?

When your chiropractor talks to you about the repercussions of a vertebral subluxation he is speaking about a misalignment in the position of one or more of the bones in your spinal column and how it can affect the function of the nervous system. When the nervous system is compromised the brain has trouble sending messages to the other parts … Read More

BarnChiefIs Stress Affecting Your Physical Well Being?

A More Natural Way

Chiropractic treatments are based on the belief that a healthy body has the capacity to heal itself. Anything that interferes with a well tuned nervous system will keep the body from functioning at full capacity. A chiropractor concentrates on tuning the body without the use of medications that may bring on harmful side effects. People who suffer from frequent headaches … Read More

BarnChiefA More Natural Way

What is Graston Technique?

Graston Technique is a soft tissue myofascial technique focusing on breaking up adhesions or connections between your muscles and the fascia. Fascia is a structure of connective tissue that surrounds muscles and other structures. One of the functions of fascia is to allow structures to slide smoothly over each other (1). Therefore, if there are adhesions present, this smooth sliding … Read More

BarnChiefWhat is Graston Technique?

PQQ and you: What the hype is all about

If I told you there was one supplement you could take that would improve your memory, improve your endurance, avoid Alzheimer’s, protect against neurotoxicity from things like mercury and glutamate, protect brain cells from the oxidative damage in strokes, prevent the oxidation of the DJ-1 gene (one of the first step in the onset of Parkinson’s), as well as being … Read More

BarnChiefPQQ and you: What the hype is all about