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Dr. Matthew Barnes, DCDr. Matthew Barnes, DC is passionate about all of his endeavors, from running ultramarathons to Crossfit and, of course, chiropractic. He brings his personal experiences and involvement with athletes of all ages to the table and utilizes a comprehensive approach. Through chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue therapy, he helps get athletes back on the road, in the gym, or chasing those unstoppable toddlers, for he knows the importance and value of the trail, pavement, squat rack, and the longest ultra of them all — parenting.  Children are naturally drawn to Dr. Matthew and enjoy his spirit, and he takes great pride in helping families become healthier.  Married for over 11 years and a father for almost 5, he brings the same dedication to his patients of all ages at Barnes Chiropractic.

Dr. Kelly Barnes, DCDr. Kelly Barnes, DC is a mom through-and-through and enjoys bringing that compassion to work.  Her greatest joy comes from watching others discover and reach their potential and knows that pain can sometimes inhibit that growth.  The relief that comes from chiropractic care and the restoration of the body’s healing systems can yield great results.  She encourages patients, stating, “Healthier choices, healthier body; healthier body, happier you!”  It all comes down to the choices made each and every day.  Bringing others closer to their goals and finding the joy that comes with reaching new heights is what keeps her dedicated to chiropractic.

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